Friday, August 28, 2009

Card set Giveaway!!!!

This week is Card week on my blog,this was inspired by our Current Giveaway from Shea of sheabalina She has Donated two amazing cards from her shop for a Give away specially made for My blog followers.

You will be winning Both of these great cards:

The purple paper and the green card itself is 100% recycled paper. Contest will End on September 18th. Here is how to enter Each counts as ONE entry,please post them in separate comments

1. Post your favorite item from Shea's shop
2. Heart mine or Shea shops sheabalina
3. Follow My blog
4. Buy an item from Shea's shop - get two extra entries
5. Heart an Item in one of our shops
6. Post why you want to win these cards
7. Blog or Twitter about this giveaway - 1 entree each

Thank you I hope you enjoy this giveaways items & keep your eyes open for more giveaways coming soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card Week

This week we are having our First ever blog Theme,this week we are going to be talking all about Cards!!! I know there are many card addicts out there I myself have an entire box full of assorted cards for various occasions but I could Always use more. This week I will be featuring a Etsy artist with some B-E-A-utiful handmade cards & tags,as well as showing off the card set I made just for this Occasion & Tomorrow I will be posting a Giveaway for a set of cards from a very talented Etsy artist Yes thats right Two giveaways this month (If you have not entered my other giveaway please do so).

This week I am featuring JuJu of jujuCreations,She is a Stay at Home Mom to her toddler son & She loves making colorful, vibrant and dimensional cards when Her hands are free.Get beautiful cards Stationary,or tags right out of Singapore.

My favorite item from her shop is her Strawberry Happy Birthday card:

Please check out her shop at

In Honor of card week I have created a set of cards myself,This is a one of a kind set & Available for Only $5 What a Deal. You will get four cards in total here is a small peak at what is in the set:

This is the "Penny for your thoughts card" On the front is a cute pink bow with a black button,a blue crystal heart & an amazing photograph a lone tree,Inside is the saying "A penny for your thoughts" along with a penny.

See what other cards are in this set by clicking Here

Want to be Featured next week? Fill this out & leave it in the comment section:
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Short bio:
Whats your fave item in your shop?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Helpful Hints to great deals & Freebies!

Do you like Bargain hunting,great sales,Free products,& Cheap merchandise? In this blog post I will be going over some helpful hints & sites that can get you some great deals on items such as clothing,books,food,beading supplies & more.

To start off this post Many craft makers know about this site but it is a surprise how many people don't if you head over to Oriental trading You can a lot of cheap beads,scrap book supplies & more,if you sign up for their mailing list they send you coupons which save you even more.

Easy savings at Walmart, If your not in a Hurry to get the items you are wanting from walmart i would suggest looking at their online site, Most of their items are cheaper online & most have .97 cent shipping If you pick it up at the store which is still cheaper then buying it at the store for Example online their twilight books are $4 with shipping to store it is $4.97 if you go to the store(walmart) they cost almost $8 which doesn't include taxes.

Also if you shop at Target keep an eye on their $1-$2.50 Section (generally it's right where you walk in from at the front of the store) lately they have been having a 75% off that section on certain color dots(next to each price tag is a certain color dot),you can get cards,stickers,head bands,ribbon,note books & much more for .25-.62 cenets I got a super adorable tote bag for ONLY .62 cents what a Deal huh?

Now for a little bit about FREE stuff!! Yes you read that right it says FREE
If you don't already know of any sites that give you links to free products I will provide you with two of my favorites to visit, the first is Imommies
great site for moms provides links to great freebies for mom's as well as children/teens & pets. The site is run by a mom for mom's or Dad's who are looking for some good deals. The second is Totally Free Stuffhas over a hundred links to free things anything from candy samples,shampoo samples,free cd's,posters makeup ect & all Totally Free. I myself have gotten free things from both sites,You just have to wait for something you want to pop up both sites update daily so keep your eye out. If you like to Twitter they both have twitter & you can follow them to find out what new links were posted for that day.Know of any other sites? Post them in a comment for us All to share in.

Hope this post has been helpful for some of you,or at least for those of you who didn't know about some of these deals & freebies. Also don't forget to enter my Giveaway to win some free stuff.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Terricfic Tuesday!

Welcome to this weeks addition of Terrific Tuesday when I feature a new artist. REMEMBER
this is a random event I put all the names that applied to be featured into a hat & Pick one (sometimes two) out if you didn't get in this week Apply again for next week's spot.

This weeks winner is Freda Cheung Of mykonos She love crafting and she would like to share her favourite items to other girls!!

My Favorite item from her shop is

Heart & Heart necklace.

Want to see more? Visit her shop here:

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Don't for0get to Enter my blog giveaway Located right under this post! We have another Giveaway heading your way here in the next week.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Burning Moon Giveaway!

We have had many artist features & links to some great giveaways & A giveaway hosted by a friend. Now i bring you my very First very Own giveaway.

You will be winning: 1 Pink & Blue Neon beaded bracelet (It's like a cuff) & 1 hair clip,Whats that? You don't like the prize? How about a 20% Off discount of one item in my store?.I will pick a winner on August 29th Winner will be contacted via email or via Etsy.

There are quite a few ways to enter But you Must do the first step to be Officially entered! The rest are extra entries which increase your chance of winning.please leave each entry in a separate comment.
1. Subscribe to my blog & Go to my store,Pick your favorite item from my shop Leave a comment with the link & why it is your favorite. - 1 entree
2. Heart my shop(If you like it) - 1 entree
3. Buy something from my shop - 3 entrees
4. Blog about my giveaway - 1 entree
5. Twitter about my blog (can be done once a day) - 1 entree each
6. Join my BNR (helps get you sales) - 2 entrees
7. Twitter about an item from my store(can be done once a day) -1 entree


Who doesn't love free stuff?
Thank you for reading this & having interest in my blog & giveaway, My blog readers are amazing & I think you should all know that.Want to see more images of a Similar bracelet that you will be winning? Head to my shop & have a look.

If you would like to be featured on my blog Look at my Tuesday post & Leave a comment!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Good Morning loyal blog readers, It is once again another Tuesday & That means it is time for a New featured Etsy artist. Remember this is a random event I put all the names that applied to be featured into a hat & Pick one (sometimes two) out if you didn't get in this week Apply again for next week's spot.

This weeks Artist Feature is Leona of Deelights, She opened my Etsy shop in May 2009. She sell ooak handmade jewelery pieces & She is currently offering free worldwide shipping on any purchase from her shop.

My Favorite Pieces from her shop are:

Her Aqua wrap bracelet &

Her green heart pendant.
Visit her shop at:

Want to be Featured next week? Fill this out & leave it in the comment section:
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Whats your fave item in your shop?

Also Please visit my shop & have a look at my newest items,Thank you Keep an eye out tomorrow I will be hosting a Giveaway.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giveaways! Who doesn't love them?

Todays post is all about Giveaways! Who doesn't love free stuff? Ever wonder what other Etsy Artists are giving away? Well here is a list of some of the best give aways I have found.Have fun & hopefully you willl find something you would like to win.These are all easy to enter Many I have entered myself. Don't forget to Scroll Down & enter to be next weeks Artist Feaure!

Win over $200 in Cloth diapers,diaper bags & More

Win A Custom Made Dress- Choose 1 of 3 designs & Pick your color,End September 10th:

August Bangle Giveaway,Easy to enter

Win A Canon EOS 500D EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Kit

Win $35 worh of Mini note cards & Envolopes

Win Makeup from Orglamix (One of My Favorite places to buy from on Etsy)

Win An Adorable Zip pouch - Ends Tomorrow so Hurry!

Win a $50 gift card to Target,Amazon,Paypal Or Walmart (Three Winners)

Keep an eye out for more upcoming Links! Hope you enjoyed these

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hints/Tips for selling on Etsy Repost.!

Thought I would Repost this for those who missed it last time:

Yes I know there are many versions of helpful hints that other etsy sellers post,but I am going to write my own version here for you to read. Everyone does their own thing & this seems to work for me.They are not in any specific order,That being said lets get this ball rolling

Helpful Hints:
1. This hint is more like a rule,Promotion is KEY. You might ask,well what are some ways I can promote my shop?
A.) Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,blogs,ect
B.) Any time you see someone who has a "fill this out to be picked to be featured","free promotion",or anything along the lines of that fill it out,it can't hurt anything
C.) Make business cards,many sellers will include your cards with their orders as a kind of "Please have a look at these shops also" gift package
D.) If possible make a flier or two,hang them up at local community colleges,or malls that get a lot of traffic always remember to make sure it is okay with them first
E.) Family & friends may come of help to you here,If they truely like your products let them wear it around,give them a business card or two for when someone asks about where to buy one

2. When listing your items: Make sure to keep an eye on what time of day it is,if its too early not as many people will be on,If listing more than one item space them apart by at least an hour more people will see your shop this way.
A.) Renweing your items, You don't have to go crazy & renew your products ten times a day to get looks,Once maybe twice a week would be just fine relisting isn't the key promotion is.Plus whats the point of spending $3-$6 relisting an item your only going to sell for $5

3. Host a giveaway You might be thinking why? Who doesn't love a giveaway,a chance to win a free hand made item? Weather you host a give away on your blog or on the etsy forums it Will draw people to your shop,it will get you hearts & possibly some sales.

4. Make a blog You might have been like me in saying "Ah who needs a blog?", Blog infact actually do help bring interest to your shop. If a teenage female is browsing blogs & spots a pretty set of earrings she likes & reads about a give away on etsy but didn't know what etsy was before your blog,right there is bringing in out side members to view your products.

5. Chat Chat Chat Yes it sounds silly at first but it works,if you hang out in the chat rooms or the forums you will meet many new friends,& future costumers if they like what they see.You may not think this works but it in fact does I have recived a custom order from participating in a thread called "Would you buy from the store above you?",Also check out the Alchemy section for products you might be able to make

6. Photographs are very important to your customers, If they photo distracts them from the item they may want to leave,If you have a very natural color say a pebble or rock pendant I would not suggest placing them on other rocks to photograph them instead try a nice background or maybe grass. If you have a bright product don't make the customer over whelmed by adding a bunch of other colorful items to the photo it will draw their attention away from what you want it to be on.

7.Join a BNR - A BNR stands for Buy n Replace I know your thinking why should I buy to be able to sell? BNR's are actually very helpful let's say you spend $5 on someone's shop then you will get any where from 3-5 points (most uses stars or hearts to show points),Each point is One person who will buy from your shop,so not only will you get the $5 you spent back but you will also get more back from the other sales you have made,ALWAYS remember to look for the newest list of stores to shop from they are usually on the last few pages of the BNR thread chat in the thread you have entered.BNR's will get you sales,hearts,views & make you new friends. Interested in joining one? I have one that has shops with items under $10

Looking for cheap,but nice business cards? If you look at you can get free business cards,address labels,stamps,magnets ect as long as your pay shipping (No it doesn't cost an arm & a leg). I use vistaprint & have not been disapointed yet.

I hope this helps some of you out there,Leave me a comment with your feedback please.

If anyone is interested I like making the "Please look at these other shops" gift packages that I was talking about above, If you would like me to include your business cards & or samples please contact me either on etsy,my email or my blog & I will let you know where to send them please include "Promo" in the subject title.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

Welcome back for another week's Terrific Tuesday where an artist from Etsy will be featured, Please bare in mind this was a random drawing if you did not make it this week enter again to be featured next week.

This weeks winner is Nicole Trissell Of Folded Jewels Congratulations. She create unique origami jewelry that started as a small scale fundraiser for her Girl Scout troop's trip to New Zealand and has blossomed from there. My favorite piece from her shop is this:

Turquoise blue multi-layered butterfly necklace

Absolutely gorgeous & at an affordable price too,Hve a look at her shop here:

Today I decided to do a DOUBLE FEATURE!
I am not a big fan of games such as Magic! the Gathering,DNR or other games that are like that but I found a really nifty box for those of you who do play it,or a game similar to it.It can even be used for different purposes that than.

You can see this item by visiting here:

Want to be featured next week? Please fill this out & leave it in the comment section:
Name & shop name:
Short bio:
Whats your fave item in your shop?

Also Please visit my shop & have a look at my newest items,Thank you Keep an eye out tomorrow I will be hosting a Giveaway.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Manic Monday!

What has Burning Moon been up too? I am sorry for my extended time away from my blog followers but I have been quite busy though this week I plan to make it all up with An Etsy artist feature,A Brand new give away hosted by Me! Keep your eye's out for another new things coming you way this week, Also have a look at my shop & Have a look at some of my new items.

The Winner Of Lilly's Earring giveaway is: bloomingblossom