Thursday, July 2, 2009

Helpful Hints for sales on Etsy!

Yes I know there are many versions of helpful hints that other etsy sellers post,but I am going to write my own version here for you to read. Everyone does their own thing & this seems to work for me.They are not in any specific order,That being said lets get this ball rolling

Helpful Hints:
1. This hint is more like a rule,Promotion is KEY. You might ask,well what are some ways I can promote my shop?
A.) Myspace,Facebook,Twitter,blogs,ect
B.) Any time you see someone who has a "fill this out to be picked to be featured","free promotion",or anything along the lines of that fill it out,it can't hurt anything
C.) Make business cards,many sellers will include your cards with their orders as a kind of "Please have a look at these shops also" gift package
D.) If possible make a flier or two,hang them up at local community colleges,or malls that get a lot of traffic always remember to make sure it is okay with them first
E.) Family & friends may come of help to you here,If they truely like your products let them wear it around,give them a business card or two for when someone asks about where to buy one

2. When listing your items: Make sure to keep an eye on what time of day it is,if its too early not as many people will be on,If listing more than one item space them apart by at least an hour more people will see your shop this way.
A.) Renweing your items, You don't have to go crazy & renew your products ten times a day to get looks,Once maybe twice a week would be just fine relisting isn't the key promotion is.Plus whats the point of spending $3-$6 relisting an item your only going to sell for $5

3. Host a giveaway You might be thinking why? Who doesn't love a giveaway,a chance to win a free hand made item? Weather you host a give away on your blog or on the etsy forums it Will draw people to your shop,it will get you hearts & possibly some sales.

4. Make a blog You might have been like me in saying "Ah who needs a blog?", Blog infact actually do help bring interest to your shop. If a teenage female is browsing blogs & spots a pretty set of earrings she likes & reads about a give away on etsy but didn't know what etsy was before your blog,right there is bringing in out side members to view your products.

5. Chat Chat Chat Yes it sounds silly at first but it works,if you hang out in the chat rooms or the forums you will meet many new friends,& future costumers if they like what they see.You may not think this works but it in fact does I have recived a custom order from participating in a thread called "Would you buy from the store above you?",Also check out the Alchemy section for products you might be able to make

6. Photographs are very important to your customers, If they photo distracts them from the item they may want to leave,If you have a very natural color say a pebble or rock pendant I would not suggest placing them on other rocks to photograph them instead try a nice background or maybe grass. If you have a bright product don't make the customer over whelmed by adding a bunch of other colorful items to the photo it will draw their attention away from what you want it to be on.

7.Join a BNR - A BNR stands for Buy n Replace I know your thinking why should I buy to be able to sell? BNR's are actually very helpful let's say you spend $5 on someone's shop then you will get any where from 3-5 points (most uses stars or hearts to show points),Each point is One person who will buy from your shop,so not only will you get the $5 you spent back but you will also get more back from the other sales you have made,ALWAYS remember to look for the newest list of stores to shop from they are usually on the last few pages of the BNR thread chat in the thread you have entered.BNR's will get you sales,hearts,views & make you new friends. Interested in joining one? I have one that has shops with items under $10

Looking for cheap,but nice business cards? If you look at you can get free business cards,address labels,stamps,magnets ect as long as your pay shipping (No it doesn't cost an arm & a leg). I use vistaprint & have not been disapointed yet.

I hope this helps some of you out there,Leave me a comment with your feedback please.

If anyone is interested I like making the "Please look at these other shops" gift packages that I was talking about above, If you would like me to include your business cards & or samples please contact me either on etsy,my email or my blog & I will let you know where to send them please include "Promo" in the subject title.



  1. I have to second that 1st rule, PROMOTE! I've noticed in the last week that I've been really unable to spend a lot of time promoting, I've gotten a LOT less views, and zero sales. It really makes a difference.

  2. This is a great blog post! I totally agree with the importance of both promoting and great pics

  3. Awesome post!

    I'll get some of my business cards asap!

  4. Great Post...a lot of very good advice and tips.

  5. Definitely good tips! I know promotion is key for me. Weeks when I have time to really pimp stuff, I always sell better.

  6. Great info! Great blog! There's also a really good site for crafters at to promote themselves shamelessly for free!

    Check out mine: I would love to have you sponsor a giveaway! Convo me on Etsy or send me an email.

  7. This was a lot of helpful information, thank you so much. I am fairly new to etsy, and you basically answered all of my questions about promoting my work. Thank You!

  8. Thanks for the info on BNR. I've been wondering what it is and now I know. :) Off to join the one you posted.

  9. Great information and have done almst all of them!
    Thanks for all your help!

  10. ohhh thank you sooo much! it helps me alot!!!!!!