Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The "Great photo debate"

I noticed lately that a lot of people are caught up on the whole photographing your products thing,So many people have been complaining that other's need to take new photo's because they are "too bright","too dark","not colorful enough" the list goes on,But what are you personal opinions on it? Some people could care less about the photo's as long as they can see the products.

A friend in my BNR thread posted "If a picture is too professional like I think that they are trying to hard & that it's more about the profit not the love of the crafts" I was only quoting. I agree,If i see a shop that looks like they try to too hard it turns me away,I like to see someone right in the middle. Leave a comment with your opinion.

I also noticed lately that in the "critique" forum a lot of newbies have either been getting ignored,or else the older sellers come down on them with no mercy at all,if you are new I would suggest looking around for a decent thread,a blog or heading to the promotion forum for advise I have met many upon many nice sellers & buyers in the promotions thread. As always keep an eye out for new post,Tomorrow I will be posting a giveaway. Also don't forget to check out my "Hints for selling on etsy" & enter to be featured on my tuesday post. Hope everyone is having a fun & safe week,My best to all of you.


  1. Photos - well, I have a friend who sells crocheted hats on Etsy. She was taking the photos herself and selling a little. She was approached by a professional photographer about getting some free hats in exchange for pictures. She did it, and now she is about 55 hats behind in orders. Pictures do make an amazing difference! But I won't be paying someone to take pics of my items anytime soon.
    As far as critiquing new shops - if you ask, don't be hurt if the answer isn't what you want. But I think too that some of the "older" shops on Etsy are just worried about the competition and so are a little hard with the critiques.

  2. That is a good point Audrey but they could be a little nicer instead of telling them that everything in their shop sucks it seems like a lot of older ones has that I know everything & you don't attitude.