Sunday, July 5, 2009

A gift to my blog readers

Hello to all my blog readers on this lovely Sunday afternoon.I hope you all had a fun & safe holiday weekend,I am here to give my readers a special offer which relates to my "hints for making sales on etsy" post. I have been talking with Jill of JillShiels on etsy, She is a graphics designer who creates banners,avatars & more for etsy shop owners. She has agreed to give my readers a special offer & for my blog readers only You can get a Custom (yes thats right anything you want) Banner & Avatar for only $2.50 most of the other banner designers on etsy charge an upwards fee of $10 or more, If you check out my shop you will see the custom banner I had her make last night. She is fast & pleasent to work with,you will be very happy with your purchase. If you like one of the packages that she already has in her shop she will give you a 15% Off special for that package it is a one of a kind package that only You will have. This is a great way to attract more buyers to your shop & very cheap.

If you would like custom work or 15% off an already existing item please message Jill at letting her know that you are one of my blog readers. Hope you all like this special deal ^_^ It is my gift to you for being one of my blog followers.

Here is an Example of her work:


  1. Thanks for the advice. I tried to follow and was unable to do so. I'll try again

  2. What a lovely banner - and a great collaboration! I already have my banner and such, but I'm sure many other reads will love this deal!

  3. I love the new banner!