Thursday, June 21, 2018 - Greenies Dental Treats Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by for the review free of charge.**

Each month I receive the chance to work with Chewy to review and item or two from their website, when the box comes is the pets favorite time of the month. Last month one of the two items I picked out was the Greenies Variety Pack Regular Dental Dog Treats which came in three flavors - Fresh,Original and Blueberry.

I like that these treats are specially formulated to help your dogs dental hygiene, the treats have a unique texture which fights plaque & tartar to keep their teeth clean and help keep their gums healthy.The blueberry treat smelled almost good enough to eat, and hey during a zombie apocalypse who knows maybe you'd be willing to eat one however I choose not too so I can't say how they taste all I can tell you is they smell like people food. 

Some dogs can be a bit picky when it comes to treats so having three different flavor options is nice because if your dog doesn't like one he might like the other two. Thankfully my mom's dog Sulley Monster isn't picky when it comes to treats and will gobble up anything given to him so he was more than happy to be the product tester for these treats. sells this pack of Greenies for $33.99 and every time I have ordered something through them shipping is always super fast. I enjoyed this product because the dog thinks he is getting an extra special treat but what he doesn't know is it is helping his teeth as he eats it. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

LED pool games - Starlux Games Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Starlux Games for the review free of charge.**

This review is a bit past due, there were a few things that happened recently that kept our attention and we haven't really played with parts of this a ton so it slipped my mind a bit. Summers in Arizona can get pretty hot so we generally spend a ton of our free time in the pool during all hours of the day, including nighttime hours. The kids are always wanting new things to play with in the pool so when I found out that a company called Starlux Games makes a kit of glow in the dark games for the pool I was intrigued.

The set I received comes with two lotus flowers, four dive diamonds, six border lights, and six glow bracelets along with a card set of instructions for ten different games. All of the lights included are battery operated so there were extra batteries included.

My kids had a great time playing with the different things in this kit, however they only lasted about a week and a half. We followed the instructions included with the kit such as not turning off the lights until they are completely dry so that water doesn't get in, but water still got in and several lights got rusty on the inside.

The bracelets have the battery part and on/off switch on the inside of the rubber bracelet so they are lasting and the kids love wearing them at night once it gets dark. The kit has proved to be quite a bit of fun and you could even use these outside of the pool or just for lighting during a part which is nice. The kid can be bought on their website for $49 with free shipping, I do feel the price is a bit high due to the chance of rusty lights but given that you get ten games out of this it helps even it out a little. The box it came in is handy to keep to use as a storage box or you can keep these in a storage container.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lulu Sugar Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Lulu Sugar for the review free of charge.**

I am a typical girl when it comes to bath products, I have a ton of different products yet I am always on the look for more. I've been on the hunt for a good scrub/exfoliating scrub, half of the products I've tried don't have a scrub aspect to them at all so I have been keeping my eyes open for something else. During my search I came upon Lulu Sugar which is a neat little shop on Etsy that sells a wide range of natural sugar scrubs and soy candles.

For my review I received a gift set that contained one 8oz candle and a 8oz sugar scrub, I did not pick out a scent prior so it was going to be a surprise once it arrived. Shipping was quick and I was pleased with how everything was packed both shipping wise and aesthetic wise, the boxes they arrived in are appealing to the eye and ready for gifting. As you can see from the image above I received a Coconut + Lime candle and a White Tea + Ginger sugar scrub.

Coconut + Lime Candle - When I opened the box I found a small branded pack of matches which is quite helpful because I can't always locate a lighter to light my candles. This candle makes me want to sing that coconut song, "she put the lime in the coconut" because of the name and the scent of the candle. The scent is refreshing and airy, there isn't an overwhelming amount of either scent the mix is just right and makes the room smell lovely. Some candles can be a pain to light because it seems like the wick takes forever to actually catch fire but I didn't find any issues lighting this which was nice, and the wax burned slowly which will give the candle a longer lifetime.

White Tea + Ginger Scrub - I've actually never tried any ginger scented products in the past and I can't recall ever smelling a product that had the ingredient in it so I was intrigued in how it smelled. The smell is exotic, and has a bit of a earthy floral scent to it which was surprising but it smells fantastic. I personally really like this scrub because it doesn't fall apart right away or melt away quickly when being used instead it does as intended and helps exfoliate your skin. The jar came with a small wooden scraper which I am thankful for because after the first use it developed a lump or two in the scrub that was easy to break up with the scrapper.

I am very happy with both of these products, combined they made for a relaxing and fragrant bubble bath. Instead of being in plastic containers like a lot of bath products tend to be in both of these products are in a glass jar with a secure metal lid which is awesome because they can be re-used when they are empty. You can purchase your own set for $38 plus shipping, they offer dozens of scents so you are sure to find something you'll like.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Father's Day Rock Star Handprint Tutorial!

Are you still looking for a gift for Father's Day? This adorable handmade gift is not only fun and easy to make but it is also quick and inexpensive. Gift shopping can sometimes be stressful if you are on a budget or unsure what to purchase, I like buying a gift but I also enjoy making something homemade for the kids to give to their dad and grandpa. I was looking for cute handmade gift ideas for father's day that would suit my father-in-law and I didn't really see any crafts I liked so I was thinking about the things he likes. He likes music and plays musical instruments so I thought why not a cute Rock Star hand print for his music room wall.

Supplies Needed:
1 Canvas - I bought mine at the Dollar Tree but Walmart and various craft stores carry them as well. 
Finger Paint/Washable Paint - Can be bought at the dollar store, Walmart or a craft store. 
Guitar Embellishment - Can be found at the craft store 
Paint Brush
Sharpie - Optional 

 Step 1:
In order to create a Rock Star or what we've been calling "Potato People", you will need to pick out a hair color and a shirt color for your Rock Star. We painted the upper half of the palm with a skin color and the lower half with the color we wanted to use as a shirt, then we only put paint on the index,middle and ring fingers to use as the hair.  The thumb and pinky will be painted later. 

Fill in any spots on the face and shirt where the palm might not have come into contact with the canvas all the way. Wait for paint to dry.

Step 2: 
Once the base paint has dried, you can paint on a headband, eyes and a mouth. I debated adding a nose but we all agreed it looks more adorable without a nose. 

Step 3:
Use the same skin color to paint the thumb and pinky finger, the thumb will be used as the arm that holds the guitar and the pinky will be used as the other arm. You can decide which direction you'd like your potato rock star to hold it's guitar and press it down in that direction. 

Step 4:
To give it a better illusion of the arm holding onto the guitar we used scissors to cut out the section where the arm goes over the guitar to hold it. Finally you can write your name, the year and anything else you'd like on the canvas using paint or a sharpie. 

The Canvas I picked up was only 6" x 8" so it is the perfect size to fit one to two hand prints, my kids are five and nine so their hands were just the right size and my step-sister is ten so it worked for her hand as well or you can fit one adult hand. If you have more than two kids I'd suggest a bigger size. Otherwise this is a great handmade gift that is fun and easy to make and it doesn't take up a lot of space.

💜 Thanks for stopping by and checking out my short tutorial for a Rock Star potato person hand print craft, I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dolphinaris AZ Land Experience Review!

**This was not a paid post. My honest opinions were used, they are solely my own & they may vary from others.The products mentioned below have been provided by Dolphinaris for the review free of charge.**

A while back my kids and I were able to visit the Dolphinaris in Scottsdale, Arizona to tour the facility and learn about how they care for their Dolphins. After the tour we were treated to a dolphin show which was a lot of fun and invited back to do a land experience where we could interact with the Dolphins. You can see a short video of part of the show we were treated to below.

After a crazy month I was finally able to set up a date to visit and now I am going to share my thoughts on the experience with you! 

They offer a few different dolphin experiences which each offer different things, the land experience is where you stay on land but are still able to interact with a dolphin in a spot where you can walk up to the tank. Although you are on land and not getting into the water I suggest wearing a bathing suit or clothes you can easily change out of because you will get splashed and get quite wet, We ended up with half of our bodies soaked in water. The experience as a whole last for half an hour which includes a short bit of learning about how to help save wild dolphins with simple things such as not using plastic straws.

You are provided with a locker to keep your belongings as you are unable to bring anything near the dolphin tank including removing your jewelry, you will also be provided with a towel to dry off if you ask. During our experience we were each given a change to get a kiss from the dolphin we were interacting with and were able to give it a kiss back, my son opted out of this so the trainer had the dolphin blow water bubbles for him and put his nose up to the glass for him instead. We were all able to dance with the dolphin, the trainer has you stick your arms out with your palms facing down and the dolphin comes up placing it's fins on your hands and 'dances' with you.

During our interaction we were able to learn a lot about dolphins such as how to tell if they are a boy or a girl, where their ears are, why they have teeth even though they don't use them and how they are able to make different sounds. The trainer had our dolphin make several different sounds, at one point it even made a sound like a choo-choo train. Along with making different sounds the trainer also had him do several different tricks and even a shark impression, but the part that was the most adorable was when we 'scared' him with our faces. How did we scare a dolphin? They trained them to play peak-a-boo when you put your hands in front of your face then move them like you were saying boo the dolphin lets out an adorable little "Ahhh" scream as if you scared him.

Ok so let's talk about cost because I know you are all wondering how much something like this might set you back. The cost of the land experience is $59 per person if you pay at Dolphinaris or $39 per person if you buy your tickets online, your child needs to be at least three years of age and all children from ages four to six need to have an accompanying paid adult. Since you are not allowed to bring anything up to the experience with you they have photographers there to capture your experience, however ff you are wanting pictures of your experience I HIGHLY suggest bringing an extra person with you to take photos from the waiting area (they don't need a ticket if they aren't participating), if they are in the right spot they should be able to get decent photos of the experience for you to look back on in the future. So why do I suggest bringing an extra person to take photos for you? While they have a photographer the prints are quite pricey, I thought Disney was bad when they wanted $18 per print from their photographers, I couldn't believe it when the screen showed they wanted $40 for one digital photo, or $229 for a Digital 10 pack on USB. I took a photo of the screen above where it shows the 1 digital photo price, if you wanted a physical copy as you can see a 16 x 20 print is $89. Considering that some families don't have the extra funds to run out to do an experience and will need to save up for this seeing the price of a photo memory would be quite the shock since it is almost the same price as the experience itself. I am thankful my step-dad came with to snap a few photos for me otherwise I wouldn't have any photos for this post or for memories to look back on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Win It Wednesday Link-Up!

Welcome to Win It Wednesday! Entering and winning blog giveaways can be a lot of fun because you never know what you might win and the best part is that it is easy and free to enter for each prize. I myself am a fan of entering giveaways and I love hosting them! Sometimes giveaways can get a little buried so giveaway link-ups are a great way for the blogger to get their giveaway to a wider audience and gives giveaway-a-holics and easier way to find giveaways to enter.

Want to Add your link?  

Everyone is more than welcome to add their family-friendly giveaways to the link up below, there is no value limit needed to add your giveaway so add all of those giveaways big or small. It is free to add your giveaway I just ask that you follow these few simple things:

  • Include end date and location in the title. Such As: $25 Ulta Gift Card (05/30 US) or $50 Book Prize Pack (06/15 WW).
  • Blog giveaways only. No referral links
Duplicates, referral links and giveaways without a date in title may be deleted without warning to keep the link up looking organized and nice.

Help Spread The Word! 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NYX Cosmetics Giveaway!

**This is not a paid post nor is it sponsored by the company mentioned below, this is a giveaway I put together myself to give back to my readers who follow and support my blog!**

I've tried a large group of different makeup companies ranging from drug store products to high end makeup that have some eye popping prices, but through all of it NYX still remains one of my favorite brands when it comes to quality and price of their products.

One of my favorite blue eyeliners ran out recently and I also wanted to pick up a red eyeliner so I set out to Ulta to pick up a few products, when I was there I learned they were having a special promotion where if you spent twenty dollars on NYX products you'd get the goodie bag and goodies shown above. So I did what any makeup lover would do and decided to get a few of the other things I needed and wanted makeup wise and ended up with two of these bags, one for me and one for one of my readers.

The makeup bag is shaped like a pair of lips and seems like it will old quite a bit of makeup, inside there is a Matte liquid eye liner in black, a soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen and a matching lip liner. I was very excited to get the lip liner because Copenhagen is one of my favorite colors by NYX but I was in need of the matching liner, since I already have a tube of the lip cream I will be putting the one I got in my lip bag in one of my next giveaways. I also wasn't super crazy about the bag because I already have too many bags so I will include that in one of my next giveaways as well which will probably be the "The Beauty and The Book" giveaway that I like to do where I giveaway a book and beauty goodies.

One lucky reader is going to win the makeup bag and NYX goodies shown above.

This is open World Wide!! Please remember if you DO NOT leave a comment on this blog post as your mandatory entry into the giveaway then all of your entries will be void. Doing the Daily entries will increase your chance of winning. Winners have 72 hours to respond to the notification email! 

This giveaway ends on 06/14/2018
 Giveaway winners are announced on FACEBOOK, If you would like to see who won my latest giveaways please visit and like my facebook page.

Giveaway entry question: Please leave a blog comment letting me know who one of your favorite makeup brands is. 

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